Dr. Randolph Stone is the founder of Polarity Therapy and was a pioneer physician and a divine healer. He traveled the world and studied every major natural healing art, earning Doctorate degrees in Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and Naturopathy.

He integrates many Western and Eastern traditions which presents a remarkable view of human functioning and that many of these ancient systems describe the fields of energy which sustain the human body. Some of these ancient systems are Yoga, Chinese, Astrology, the Kaballah, and Ayurvedic medicine. Sickness or other health problems can be caused by specific inhibitions in the flow of energy throughout the body. Polarity Therapy helps to stimulate and balance the flow of energy throughout the body, which promotes wellness.

In Polarity Therapy we work with Bodywork, Diet, Exercise, and Self-Awareness to restore natural movement of the energy fields.

Polarity Therapy is a natural healthcare system designed for stimulating and balancing the energy of the body